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New Kryptek Camo Dip Kits for only $59 - DIY Hydrographics

Several years ago we introduced the DIY camo dip kits to the market. What was once only a technique available to large manufacturers (hydrographics), was now available to anyone who had an interest in doing their own hydro dipping at home. Want to camo dip a gun stock? How about camo dipping deer skulls? Maybe you wanted to dip some car parts in carbon fiber or wood grain... We launched a large selection of camo patterns, skull patterns, wood grain, carbon fiber, and many more... (see for a full list of patterns and images).

The camo dip kits took the market by storm. Soon we were getting photos sent in all over the country from customers who had dipped just about anything and everything. We thought we had thought of everything. But we were wrong...

First off, the first camo dip kits used a spray gun that you had to clean and refill with the different components of the kit. It worked great, but it also created several extra steps to the process. So we streamlined to design to include all of the chemicals already premixed in aerosol form.

Secondly we were asked by several customers to create a smaller version of the kit for testing purposes. So a few years ago we introduced our STARTER kit for only $59.

Lastly (and ongoing) is the effort to continue to increase the pattern selection that you can choose from. We first started with around 50-60 camo designs. Mostly generic ones. Then we added Lost Camo, Muddy Girl, and Realtree. Along came Multicam and ATACS and Legends camo...

And today we are excited to announce that we have also added 3 popular KRYPTEK camo designs. Kryptek camo is becoming a very popular military and hunting camo and it only made sense to add some to our line up of dipping kits. The Kryptek camo dip kit options are:

Kryptek Highlander

Kryptek Neptune

Kryptek Raid

Keep checking back with us from time to time and see what other camo designs we add to our collection. And tell your friends about our other Realtree camo dip kits, Muddy Girl dipping kits and more...

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