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Camoclad to Camoskinz

Camo vinyl graphics have been around for over 20 years now. Back in the day, the first manufacturer of camo vinyl was a company called Camoclad. The vinyl came in 4x5 sheets and was inkjet printed on 3M IJ160 calendared vinyl. To that point, the only option that any camo lover had was to spray paint their vehicle. Now they had the ability to "camouflage" their vehicle in the popular hunting patterns of the day, Realtree Hardwoods and Mossy Oak Breakup. The technology at the time was good, but not great... Camoclad looked good from a distance, but when you got up close, it was very pixelated and grainy. But regardless, it certainly was a lot cooler than spray painting your truck or boat..

Fast forward to 2018... Camoclad has been joined by several other manufacturers, Camowraps, Mossy Oak Graphics, Rapid Wraps, CMYK Graphix, Overwraps, etc... All doing the same thing, printing camo vinyl graphics on 3M materials for wrapping anything you want. Each has their own niche patterns. Some only offer Realtree patterns, some only have Kryptek camo, some print on various types of vinyl, and most all now use 3M IJ180 Cast vinyl for their main product line.

So why do we tell you all of this history and facts about camo vinyl graphics? Because Camoksinz is the ONLY vinyl distributor that offers ALL of the camo pattern choices. Looking for Realtree, Muddygirl, Mossy Oak, or Kryptek? How about Moon Shine, Boneyard, or Game Guard? Maybe military camo like Tiger Stripe or ATACS? Camoskinz offers all of these camo patterns on or

Here is the other "industry secret"... All of the patterns are printed the same way nowadays. Digital, high def printing using 3M premium vinyls make for a perfect product to camo vinyl a truck, boat, or ATV. So no matter who made the materials (Camoclad, Camowraps, Mossy Oak Graphics, etc...) chances are you are getting the same quality (which is a good thing).

Since everyone nowadays is offering the same quality wraps, it really comes down to your favorite camo patterns. Here at Camoskinz we offer the largest selection anywhere. Click on the PATTERNS page on the website menu and you will certainly find something that suits your taste. Remember at Camoskinz, we have you covered...

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