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Moon Shine Camo vinyl wraps, rolls, and accents. Muddy Girl graphics and more...

Hunting camo will always have its place among outdoorsmen, but there is a new trend of camouflage that is coming more and more popular called LIFESTYLE CAMO...

Lifestyle Camo is still technically a camo design, but instead of attempting to blend in, the camo designer focuses more on standing out. Leading the way in the Lifestyle Camo world is Moon Shine Attitude Attire and their flagship camo design Pink Muddy Girl camo. Muddy Girl is a neon pink and purple camo design that has become very popular with the ladies. Muddy Girl has also become a very popular selection in our line of vehicle camo vinyl and vinyl accent kits.

Muddy Girl camo vinyl

From full truck kits, boat wraps, and ATV graphics, Camo4u's line of Camoskinz 3M camo graphics is a great way to deck your favorite hunting vehicle and gear in Moon Shine camo.

Muddy Girl camo jeep kit

Muddygirl is not the only popular camo design from Moon Shine. Three other popular designs are Wildfire camo, Harvest Moon camo, and Outshine. All of the camo patterns from Moon Shine follow the same design, they just change the background color from pink, to grey, to orange, blue, or even green. For those who want to really stand out, try the neon green camo design called Toxic, or for the watersports camo, try the neon blue camo called Undertow.

Moon Shine Serenity camo vinyl

Camoskinz are not just camo vinyl graphics for larger vehicles, you can also camouflage smaller items like rifles, pistols, bows, hunting gear, and more. Like all products in the Camo4u line, Camoskinz come with a lifetime warranty against fading and are made from 3M vinyl graphics, which is the leader in vehicle wrap products. If you are interested in ordering some of your own Moon Shine camo vinyl graphics, or would just like to see our full line of products, visit or or click on the FREE CATALOG link on the homepage of and type in your address.

Muddy Girl pistol wraps

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