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Kryptek camo vinyl wraps and rolls

Military camo patterns have been quite popular recently when it comes to camo wrapping your vehicle. Camo4u is pleased to offer the largest selection of camo graphics in various military patterns. We offer Digital Military, ATACS, Multicam, Old School Military, and our most recent selection, Kryptek Camo.

Kryptek camo truck package - vinyl wraps

Kryptek could actually be considered more of a hybrid camo pattern. Their Mandrake and Highlander patterns have a nice mixture of Greens and Browns in them and double as an excellent hunting camo. Their Nomad color, which contains mostly browns and tans works great for western hunting or desert settings. Kryptek Altitude is a great choice for higher elevation settings and mountain terrain.

Kryptek camo vinyl - Highlander pattern

We also offer the more "urban" looking Kryptek camo vinyl. These patterns would be Yeti ( white snow camo ), Typhon ( black urban camo ) and Raid ( grey urban camo ).

All of the Kryptek camo vinyl kits come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY from Camo4u against fading and work well on any size wrap, from wrapping a truck to wrapping a shotgun.

Kryptek gun wrap - vinyl gun skins camo

To see all of our selection of Kryptek vinyl wraps, visit or give us a call today at 434-229-8468. Our line of Camoskinz is the only camo vinyl kit on the market that offers a lifetime warranty against fading. We also have camo coverings for just about any size vehicle including truck camo, boat kits, ATV wraps, gun skins, and bulk camo vinyl rolls for those special projects. All of our Camoskinz are made exclusively on 3M vinyl and come laminated for superior protection against scratching and chemicals.

In addition to our Kryptek camo skins, we also offer 70 other camo patterns for you to choose from including Realtree, Mossy Oak, Moon Shine, US Military, Lost Camo, and Proveil. For over 20 years, Camo4u has been the leading distributor of camo vinyl wraps for all makes and models of vehciles.

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