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3M Camo Vinyl Qualities

Bulk Camo Vinyl Rolls

So you have decided to get yourself some camo vinyl for a project. Aside from picking the right camo pattern (we have over 60 choices, just click on the PATTERNS button on our Camo4u website menu), you also need to determine which type of 3M vinyl you want to use. Our line of Camoskinz camo vinyl is the only camo graphics on the market that gives you a choice between 2 types of 3M camo vinyl. You can choose either the 3M IJ180-CV (Removable) or you can choose the 3M IJ-35 Permanent. Listed below are the pros and cons of each vinyl.


(P) (R)

CAMOSKINZ is one of the only camo vinyl companies that offers both Removable and Permanent vinyl products. Some camo patterns are only available in one or the other and each vinyl type has both pros and cons. ALL of our vinyl comes laminated as well.

PERMANENT VINYL - 3M Calendared Non-Air Release Vinyl with Matte Laminate; any of our products that start with a letter "P". This material features an aggressive adhesive. Caution should be taken when applying. Material can be put on wet (with soapy water) or dry. The wet application does allow the material to be repositioned and reapplied before final squeegeeing is done. Perfect for older trucks, boats, and ATVs where material will be left on permanently. Preferred for most marine (in water) applications. More affordable than removable vinyl, but not available in all camo patterns. Lifetime Warranty against fading.

REMOVABLE VINYL - 3M IJI80-cv3 Cast Vinyl with Control-Tac Air Release Channels; any of our products that start with a letter "R". The material features a repositionable adhesive backing. Material can also be stretched to conform around extreme curves and contours. Perfect for new vehicles where future decal removal may be needed. Material can also be left permanently if desired. More expensive, but easier to work with. Available in all camo patterns. Lifetime Warranty against fading.

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