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EZ Fit Kits - Pre-Cut camo wraps for ATVs

Over the last few years, we have been tasked to develop a line of pre-cut camo vinyl skins for the most popular ATV and UTV models on the market. In 2012 we launched EZ Fit Kits which combined the durable line of camo vinyl graphics (Camoskinz) with a precut template. These pieces were cut to fit all of the plastics on the vehicle. You can see a full list of models and camo templates here -

This article will try to help answer all of the questions that we most frequently get asked.

Question 1 - Do you have a camo kit for my model of 4 wheeler?

We currently offer a TON of templates for many of the most popular models of ATVs, UTVs, and Golf Carts.... BUT.... We do not have camo wraps for all of them. You need to visit the EZ Fit website to see if your model is listed. You can look it up by Make, Model, and Year.

Question 2 - Will the camo vinyl pieces cover ALL of my plastics?

Easiest answer is "NO". The pieces are pre cut to fit the different areas on the ATV plastics, but there will be some places that you will see the original plastic color showing through. If you are looking for a full camo wrap on the plastics, we recommend visiting our main store ( and buying one of our universal ATV camo skins (DATV or SATV models). These "kits" are basically large rolls of camo vinyl and you have to trim everything to fit. We send you quite a bit more camouflage than what you need so you will have plenty of vinyl to work with. As for our EZ Fit Kits, it is better to look at them as a camo accent kit for your vehicle. This works very well if your plastics are black, tan, white, or army green, but it may not look great if you plastics are yellow or orange and you want to ONLY see camo after the wrap is installed.

Question 3 - How long does it take for my EZ Fit Kit to deliver?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the camo kits to deliver. It takes us about a week to cut out all the camo pieces to match your ATV plastics and then we ship them to you.

Remember that the EZ Fit Kits may not be what you are looking for if you want complete camo coverage on your plastics. However, if you are looking for a cool camo accent design, these camo graphics might just be for you.

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