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Guide to choosing a Camo Pattern

Aside from picking which of our camo vinyl kits to choose from, the hardest decision our customers have is selecting which camo pattern to go with. Hopefully this article will help you a little more in that process...

Question 1: Do you want Permanent or Removable vinyl?

ALL of the camo patterns that we offer come in the Removable option but only certain ones are available in the Permanent option. You can see each category by visiting and clicking on the PATTERNS page. If you are not sure what the difference is between our Rem vs. Perm vinyls, you can click that option on our menu and read more about each product's qualities...

Question 2: Are you looking for Hunting camo vinyl, Military camo vinyl, or just a "lifestyle" racing camo pattern?

Hunting - Probably our largest selection. We have camo vinyl colors for deer hunters, duck hunters, western hunters, etc... All of the camo patterns look great, it just comes down to a personal selection. Realtree Camowraps and Mossy Oak Graphics only comes as Removable. The other hunting camo patterns can come in either option. Mathews Lost camo, Boneyard Legends camo, Reeds n Weeds, and Trek are the more popular permanent vinyl options...

Military - Lots to choose from here as well. We have Kryptek camo vinyl in ALL of the Kryptek designs. (Some are not on the website yet, but we do have them, just call 434-229-8468). We have ATACS military camo vinyl, we also offer the digital camo patterns from the USMC, Army, Navy, etc.. through Tiger Stripe camo.

Lifestyle - These camo patterns are made more to stand out then to blend in. Popular Pink Camo patterns include Moon Shine Muddy Girl and the new Inkstag from Proveil which has deer antlers mixed in with hot pink. Wildfire camo is a popular racing design with yellow and red backgrounds. Other popular choices include Harvest Moon black camo, Toxic and Undertow which are neon camo designs.

Regardless of your camo vinyl choice, ALL of our patterns come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against fading. All of the camo wraps are laminated and are very durable. It really just comes down to a personal choice...

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