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So you want to Camo Accent your truck...

Probably one of the most popular items that we sell at Camo4u is the camo accent rolls for customer's trucks, SUVs, and even cars. These vinyl kits give the user options to show lots of camo, or just a little camo depending on how involved they want to get. Our 3M vinyl camo accent kits come in 4 different widths (8", 12", 16" and 24") as well as 2 different lengths (30 foot or 40 foot). We will try to help you determine what size an length you might need for your particular vehicle...

1. Question 1 - Do you want to camo just the straight areas in between your wheel wells, or do you want to camo up and around the fender flares as well? If you are doing just the straight areas, then you would need the 30 foot camo accent kits. If you want to go up and around your wheel wells, then you would need the 40 foot package.

2. Question 2 - Do you want to camo the tail gate and/or bumper? If you do, then you should probably consider the 40 camo accent kit. If you want to camo both your bumper and tail gate along with camo fender flares, then you will probably need more than the 40 foot accent kit. In this case, you can order bulk camo vinyl rolls and pieces to ADD to your 40 foot kit.

3. Question 3 - Do you want just a straight camo stripe running along the bottom of your truck, or do you like the camo grassy look? Made popular by the camo trucks on Duck Dynasty, the camo grassy accent toppers give your camo design a more custom look. The camo looks like it is growing up the sides of your vehicle. We offer 14 foot camo grassy topper kits, and 28 foot camo kits. These grassy toppers are made to go ON TOP of the straight camo accent stripe that is on the vehicle already.

So the sky is the limit... Choose one of the sizes of camo trim kits that works best for you vehicle. Determine you if might need a few extra pieces of camo vinyl to complete your job. Choose either a straight camo stripe, or add the camo grass topper effect to the finish. We have seen some really unique looking camo wrapped trucks. If you give it a try, please send us a photo when you are done so we can add it to our catalog.


The Camoskinz camo wrap team.

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