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DIY Camo Dip Kits

About 5 or 6 years ago, we launched which was a retail website to provide at-home hydrographics to our customers. Over the years, we have been amazed at the uses that our patrons find for these dipping kits. Many of those same customers have also started their own side business (some full time) dipping things for their local community. If you have never heard of our camo dip kits, or have never tried one, then maybe this short article will give you some ideas and incentive to check them out.

Use 1 - Camo Dipping Deer Skulls

Many of our customers are taxidermists who are looking for other options to provide their clients instead of the traditional European mounts. Dipped skulls are by far the fastest growing trend in the taxidermy world. Many folks prefer a camo finish to their skulls, but others go the non-traditional route and get deer skulls with carbon fiber, snake skin, wood grain, flames, or other finishes. Regardless, our $59 starter dip kit gives you enough materials and films to dip at least 3 deer skulls. The larger $99 pro-grade dip kit will do at least 6 deer skulls. Also remember that you can dip bear skulls, camo dip boar skulls, elk skulls and more...

Use 2 - Automotive

Camo dashboards, camo rims, camo consoles, camo shifting gear, and even camo engine parts... Aside from camo, many folks are using our carbon fiber dip kits to add some cool finishes to their cars, trucks, atvs, and more.

Use 3 - Gun Parts, Gun Stocks, Pistols, Gunsmithing

Our starter camo dip kit gives you enough materials to camo dip a pistol along with a gun stock. If you go with the larger pro-grade dip kit, you can dip at least 2 guns stocks, or a full rifle (including barrel, scope, rings, stock, etc...)

Those are the top 3 uses for our DIY dip kits. Maybe you have some other ideas that you would like to share? Camo dipped Yeti tumblers? Camo dipped wine glasses, camo dipped _________? Let us know what else you can find to dip around the house.

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