3M Camo Vinyl Qualities

So you have decided to get yourself some camo vinyl for a project. Aside from picking the right camo pattern (we have over 60 choices, just click on the PATTERNS button on our Camo4u website menu), you also need to determine which type of 3M vinyl you want to use. Our line of Camoskinz camo vinyl is the only camo graphics on the market that gives you a choice between 2 types of 3M camo vinyl. You can choose either the 3M IJ180-CV (Removable) or you can choose the 3M IJ-35 Permanent. Listed below are the pros and cons of each vinyl. PERMANENT VS. REMOVABLE (P) (R) CAMOSKINZ is one of the only camo vinyl companies that offers both Removable and Permanent vinyl products. Some camo patterns are

EZ Fit Kits - Pre-Cut camo wraps for ATVs

Over the last few years, we have been tasked to develop a line of pre-cut camo vinyl skins for the most popular ATV and UTV models on the market. In 2012 we launched EZ Fit Kits which combined the durable line of camo vinyl graphics (Camoskinz) with a precut template. These pieces were cut to fit all of the plastics on the vehicle. You can see a full list of models and camo templates here - www.EZFitKit.com This article will try to help answer all of the questions that we most frequently get asked. Question 1 - Do you have a camo kit for my model of 4 wheeler? We currently offer a TON of templates for many of the most popular models of ATVs, UTVs, and Golf Carts.... BUT.... We do not have ca

Guide to choosing a Camo Pattern

Aside from picking which of our camo vinyl kits to choose from, the hardest decision our customers have is selecting which camo pattern to go with. Hopefully this article will help you a little more in that process... Question 1: Do you want Permanent or Removable vinyl? ALL of the camo patterns that we offer come in the Removable option but only certain ones are available in the Permanent option. You can see each category by visiting Camo4u.com and clicking on the PATTERNS page. If you are not sure what the difference is between our Rem vs. Perm vinyls, you can click that option on our menu and read more about each product's qualities... Question 2: Are you looking for Hunting camo vinyl, M

So you want to Camo Accent your truck...

Probably one of the most popular items that we sell at Camo4u is the camo accent rolls for customer's trucks, SUVs, and even cars. These vinyl kits give the user options to show lots of camo, or just a little camo depending on how involved they want to get. Our 3M vinyl camo accent kits come in 4 different widths (8", 12", 16" and 24") as well as 2 different lengths (30 foot or 40 foot). We will try to help you determine what size an length you might need for your particular vehicle... 1. Question 1 - Do you want to camo just the straight areas in between your wheel wells, or do you want to camo up and around the fender flares as well? If you are doing just the straight areas, then you would

DIY Camo Dip Kits

About 5 or 6 years ago, we launched www.camodipkit.com which was a retail website to provide at-home hydrographics to our customers. Over the years, we have been amazed at the uses that our patrons find for these dipping kits. Many of those same customers have also started their own side business (some full time) dipping things for their local community. If you have never heard of our camo dip kits, or have never tried one, then maybe this short article will give you some ideas and incentive to check them out. Use 1 - Camo Dipping Deer Skulls Many of our customers are taxidermists who are looking for other options to provide their clients instead of the traditional European mounts. Dipped sk

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