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Item #BUG-S
Price: $99.00     Camo VP Series Shields
Description:The CAMO series line of hood protectors are made from sturdy High Impact Acrylic giving them great strength yet still allowing them to be flexible enough to withstand the shock and vibration of whatever you put them through. The CAMO patterns are co-extruded with the material at manufacture time. This means that the patterns are not a laminate or film on the surface which can easily scratch wear or fade, but rather the pattern becomes part of the material itself which makes it. . .

Item #2-VIS
Price: $109.00     Camo Sidewinds (2 DR)
Description:Today's modern aerodynamic body styles' form fitting doors and windows no longer feature "rain gutters" to channel away water. The result is usually water dripping into the interior. Sidewinds act like a "drip-edge" for your vehicle, this allows you to keep your window partially open for ventilation, without the rain getting in.

Item #4-VIS
Price: $129.00     Camo Sidewinds (4 DR)
Description:Beat the elements and add some outdoor attitude to your truck, van, or suv. Sidewind Deflectors provide shade from the sun and allow you to keep your windows partially open, to provide ventilation to the interior.