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Camo Accessories Accent Kits

Frequently Asked Questions about Camo4u Vinyl Products:

        Q.   Are all camo vinyl kits the same?

        A.   No. Camo4u Premium Wraps use a solvent ink for printing and a sheet laminate protectant.
   The other brands out there use a thinner UV ink and just spray a liquid clear coat over the vinyl.
   Their process is not as durable as ours and Camo4u is the only camo graphics company that backs
   its product with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against fading.


Q.   Can I get Camo4u in Bulk Rolls?

A.    Yes. All Camo4u products are manufactured as continuous rolls of camo vinyl. Our largest rolls are 48 inches wide and can be purchased up to 75 feet long. We also can cut the kits into 4ft x 5ft sheets if you like the old method, but most of our customers prefer the option of cutting their own custom lengths based on their project size.


Q.   If I bought Camo4u last year and need an extra piece, will it still match?

A.    Yes. Camo4u holds a very strict color standard with all of the wraps. If you bought Camo4u Camoskinz at any time and need an extra piece, we guarantee that the new piece will match your old order.


Q.   Do you have different camo patterns to choose from?

A.    Yes. Camo4u offers the largest selection available in camo designs. We have partnered with the leading camo graphics companies in the outdoor industry including Mossy Oak Graphics, Realtree, Advantage, Avery, Fishouflage, Natural Gear, and the US Army.


Q.   Do you offer pre-cut camo kits for my ATV or Truck?

A.    Some of the Mossy Oak Graphics style of wraps do come pre-cut for installation, but the bulk of our Camo4u products come as rolls or sheets of camo. You do have to do the trimming yourself. Basically you apply an oversized piece to the area that you are working on and trim off the extra. Camo4u will include extra material to ensure that you have enough material to finish your project.


Q.   Is your vinyl a 3M product?

A.    Yes. Both the removable and permanent Camo4u kits are 3M material and are backed by the 3M Compliance Warranty in addition to our LIFETIME WARRANTY against fading. All Camo4u products are printed on 3M vinyl, using 3M inks and laminates.


Q.   Is your camo vinyl a cast or calendared vinyl?

A.    We offer both. Typically our products will either be printed on 3M IJ-160, or 3M IJ-135, but we also offer the cast vinyl in 3M IJ-180 cv3. Obviously there is a price difference for each level of vinyl. If you have a specific need or preference, we will gladly accommodate it. Mossy Oak Graphics and Fishouflage are only available as the cast vinyl.


Q.   If I do not want to install the camo myself, is there someone who can help me?

A.    Yes. Camo4u has a national network of installers that we can refer you to. Feel free to give us a call at 434-229-8468 for locations. You can also look in your yellow pages under VINYL SIGN SHOPS. Most companies listed under that category should have the experience to help you with installation.


Q.   What  is a fair price to pay someone to install my wrap?

A.         Everyone is going to be different, but what we consider a fair price is the same amount of labor fees as the kit itself cost. For example, if you bought a $400 camo kit, you should expect to pay around $400 to have someone install it for you. Remember that we give you all the tools and instructions you will need to do the job yourself. We suggest you give it a try first. You will probably find it is not nearly as hard as you think.


Q.   Do you sell Camoclad?

A.    No. We have discontinued the Camoclad brand of vinyl from our stores. We do have some liquidation items and close-out items left, but all of our new products are the Camo4u Camoskinz. If you are interested in the old Camoclad items, email us for more details. These items as sold As-Is and do not have any warranty with them.